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November 29, 2009


Capricorn 2010 Horoscope

Capricorn sign is in middle of changes. A series of eclipse is happening in your sign as well as in your relations. You may be seeing new challenges as well as supports for your self. Your ruler, Saturn, is in Libra and it is very supportive position for your sign. If someone ask me what is your focus area in 2010 as an astrologer, my answer will be Cancer, Capricorn signs and people born within 18 to 27th of any month.

As discussed above, changes are happening in your overall personality. However, your home, career, and life partner may be seeing conflicting interests. This is happening because of conflicting aspects between Pluto-Saturn-and Uranus. This conflict is quite intense upto September 2010.

Financial or emotional matters may occupy your mind especially in first half of the year. You may see huge gain or loss. If it is a gain, this could be in property matters,

Sibling or a neighbor may support you this year in big way. Things might not have been so in 2009.

Based on birthdates, this year will impact all Capricorn differently. If you were born within 17 to 27th date range, this year will be more eventful than others. For people within 22 to 27, marriage-mother-career may demand your attention and planning. Balancing these emotional and relational needs will be required attention especially until September 2010. If you have any weakness in value system, it may come out in open.

If you were born within 17 to 22nd date range, this year will be more about educational or work related changes. However, if you were born within 4 to 15th date range, 2010 is a year of start ups. You may start a new relation or business.

With Mars in your eighth house until June 2010, you may see extreme financial or emotional flows. Some area will be more active at different point in time as mentioned in Table 1. Table 2 is more about Mercury retrograde period i.e not to act just wait period.

2010 may be divided in three equal parts. Middle part is completely different and intense than other two parts. So, plan your major actions in first and last four months period. Let’s discuss major aspects in detail

Eclipses – Dramatic changes

Marriage ,business, or enemies – Unexpected changes

   Culmination point 31 Dec 2009 +/- one month

As year starts, you have a lunar eclipse in your seventh house on 31 December 31, 2009. With Pluto, Venus, Sun, north node, and Mercury in your own house, you might see culmination of a relationship matters.

This one will light your house of partnerships, emphasizing your present alliances but also those from the past. This is a full moon, so your relationship is about to reach a culmination point of great importance.

Most eclipses set up a sudden development, but because so much happens at eclipse time, it is hard to see all the facts at once.Eclipses will illuminate your relationship in a new way, and for some, it will test the strength of the tie.

You may be getting engaged or married, or you may be signing papers with a business associate. Or, if you are married or have a serious business partnership now, you may get good news from your partner. You may hire an agent, business manager, or other expert to help you with your business this month too, and if so, things will move very quickly.

It’s a full moon eclipse, so something is coming to a grand conclusion. It could be good news, or not so good news, but either way, the news of the eclipse will eventually benefit you.

  Initiation point July 11 2010 +/- One month

Another eclipse is happening in same house on July 11. However, this is a new moon and indicates an initiation point in same area. The solar eclipse, July 1, will open a new chapter of professional growth.

The eclipse in Cancer will be a new moon solar eclipse on July 11, and this will bring you a chance to merge energies with another person. That may be in marriage or in business. This new moon will open a whole new path for you in the months ahead. Opportunity to forge a serious relationship will likely strike suddenly, so you may decide to get married under this eclipse, or you may choose to sign a business partner, agent, or manager for your business. See how this works out for you

Self outlook or how other’s looked at you – Unexpected Change / Transform Foundations

  Initiation point January 15 plus +/- one month & Jan 4 2011 +/- one month

With Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Sun, North node, and Moon in your own house, Capricorn will be most supportive sign at this time for all matters. These new moons will open a whole new path for you in the months ahead. These are huge moments of the year to keep your eye on.

New moons tend to be very happy and prepare you for lots of new events and opportunities. This eclipse has the power to give you a completely new lifestyle and outlook. If you are methodical, you can always trace things back to the inception of the idea, and that will usually point to the eclipse.

Sometimes during a solar eclipse, a prominent man will leave your life for any number of reasons. With Saturn in your career chart, if you have been looking for new job, you may see transformation in your career/social status. It may be happening because of your marriage , business, or career moves.

Pluto (passion) is moving in your own house through out 2010. It’s very positive news for your sign. If you were born between 24th and 28th of December, your first house may see intense changes in 2010. Subsequently, you may be busy in 2010. Pluto (transformation-rebirth) can give you completely different outlook and personality.

Second eclipse in same area is little negative. This is on square with Saturn from your career chart. Intensity will be very high and could challenge your social status. Ensure that you are on secure platform.


  Culmination point – June 26 2010 +/- one month:

The initiative which you took near January 2010 may see culmination point near June 26 2010. The lunar eclipse of June 26 at 4° + Capricorn conjoins Pluto and activates a grand cross involving the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, the Moon, and Saturn. These are all within 5° of the four cardinal points. This will be a very important event, for better or worse, with a huge impact on global public opinion.

After this eclipse appears, you will be able to see which endeavors, obligations, or relationships you’d like to nurture and grow and which ones you’d like to end. Pluto is now in Capricorn, considered a very forceful and energetic degree, giving you amazing power and authority. Your sheer determination should lead you to victory.

If on the other hand you have been hoping against hope that a certain relationship would finally come around to being what you had always wanted, you may have to be very realistic. Its main function will be to help you see fulfillment to a dream that is important to you, and only you can say what that happens to be.

Eclipse of June 26 is quite negative as many planets are closely aspected. If you were born near 26th, plus or minus five days, this eclipse may impact above mentioned fields negatively. You need to planned things in advance to tackle this event.


Job and health

  Culmination – Dec 21 2010 +/- one month

After so much focus on relationship, the emphasis on work and health will be more at the lunar eclipse December 21, 2010. Eclipses are always dramatic, for they bring unexpected and often completely unrelated developments from the outside in, and this means there’s a good chance you’ll change your priorities, goals, and timetables.

The full moon lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 will bring a work-related matter to fullness. A woman co-worker or subordinate may leave, and if so, you will likely be completely surprised by her announcement to depart. If you are self-employed, you may find a silver lining to this situation.

If you work for an employer, you may be able to see an upside, too. You may qualify for overtime pay, or a raise, for after all, you’ll be doing the work of two for a while, until another person can be hired.

You must watch your health this month. Pay special attention to teeth, bones, and skin. You seem to be surrounded with medical personnel this month. You may find yourself in a hospital, rehab center, physical therapy center, or nursing home this month, possibly as a visitor or caregiver


Other Major Aspects

Major Aspect – Pluto-Uranus-Saturn (marriage –career-domestic health) T square (May to August-2010)

This is the major T square between three major planets. If you were born near December 22-27 range, your marriage, career, and domestic health will be on drastic changes. However, if you were born within January 14-21, this impact will be seen in health and work sector. This aspect is quite intense and may need your full attention in middle of 2010.

Since 2008, Saturn and Uranus are in opposition. This opposition cycle will last longer than most as Saturn and Uranus face off a total of five times between November 2008 and July of 2010. The fourth phase takes place April 26, 2010, in exact aspect to Neptune. Neptune demands that we become visionaries and transcend boundaries that limit ordinary mortals, and in doing so there is sometimes a dissolving of aspects of our life that limit us (Saturn).

Things heat up starting in mid May, as Saturn opposes Jupiter and Uranus. Then, Uranus enters Aries and, a few days later, is joined by the Moon and Jupiter at exactly 0° Aries. Meanwhile, Pluto is at 3-4°+ Capricorn and Saturn is at 28° Virgo, forming a T-square with the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus. Mars at 29°+ Leo opposes Neptune and Chiron. The key is to channel all this energy in constructive ways.

The fifth phase on July 26, 2010 occurs at -0- degrees Aries and Libra, within range of a square to Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn. The addition of the square from Pluto will create greater urgency and pressure for conflict and war in order to achieve the goal of change and transformation (Pluto) into a new way (Uranus) of living as societies (Saturn) in the world. At the same time square is happening between Saturn to Pluto (visiting three times between November 2009 and August 2010).

A cardinal grand cross is formed on August 6-7, 2010, involving Jupiter-Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon in early Cancer, and Venus joining Mars and Saturn in early Libra. The Sun at 15° Leo makes stressful aspects to the entire grand cross. Calm and balance will be needed to deal with the relentless stressful aspects.

Final aspect of this series in 2010 will take place on August 21. At that time your relationship health could be at crossroad. If you handle the situation with care, you could come out of it with confidence.


Career health – Be cautiously Optimistic in (except April 7 to July 21) – Structured Balance

Saturn has started movement in Libra since October 29, 2009. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Saturn represents government leaders and especially presidents. Libra has rulership over bedrooms, boudoirs, boutiques, beauty parlors, closets, florists and private chambers.

It could test strength of your career management. This test may be more intense within May 2010 and September 2010. I am saying this as a major aspect within Pluto-Uranus-Saturn which we will discuss in next paragraph. Mars (impulsive actions) will activate the same house along with Saturn from July 29 to September 14.


Partner’s income, loan , or taxes –Impulsive actions –until June 7

Mars is visiting your partner’s income house for seven months until June 7. Any loan or tax commitment may come under social test.


Domestic health, mother, or property– Drive planned changes –May 27 to September 19

Middle of 2010 is slightly different than other parts. Jupiter will visit Aries from June 7 to September 8 and Uranus will visit the same sign from May 27 to August 13. This is exceptional support from Geocosmic energies in your domestic health or mother chart. On June 8 and September 19, both planets will be conjunct together and will send extremely positive vibes to your sign. You must expand your domestic base at that time.


Travel, education, spirituality, or in-laws (April 7 to July 21) – Disciplined Boundaries

You might have been seeing intense pressures in above areas in 2009. Same constraint may come back to you starting April 7, 2010 to July 29, 2010. Mars (impulsive action) and Saturn (disciplined boundaries) will visit the same house. If situation is not going too well in some area, this visit may increase pain in these areas. However, after July 29, you may see relaxation in your career outlook.


Sibling, contract, neighbor, or short distance travel : Expansive Change/ Unexpected Future

Two major planets Uranus and Jupiter are visiting your 3rd house this year. You have good support to your communication. Many Capricorn may buy new car, mobile, or i-pod this year. If you have taken a risk in 2009, this could turn out for the best. 2010 is excellent for all these areas. However, if you were born near end of Capricorn i.e. 18- 21, this rise may not be very easy 


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