2010 Master Rao – Western

November 29, 2009

1. Love

First trimester – Rather contrasted sentimental climate. Your heart will experience the hot and the cold at close intervals, you’ll hesitate between carnal passion and almost ethereal tenderness. You’ll have to fight a hard struggle against yourself, and in doing this you may not spare those whom you love. You’d be well inspired to control your temporary indecision, otherwise people won’t know how to deal with you

Second trimester – You’ll run the risk of being confronted with sentimental problems quite difficult to solve. However much attached to your mate you may be, you’ll nevertheless want to flit about, to fly from flower to flower. Measure out the consequences of your fickle comportment, and remember that social conventions are everlasting. If you belong to the third decan, a charming person whom you deem harmless might very well make you succumb to romantic love. As a result, you’ll find yourself utterly under his/her spell. But, after all, this won’t be so terrible as it seems!

Third trimester – Your sentiments will be so powerful that, even though the encounter took place only a few weeks before, you’ll at once want to seal your love officially. Don’t let yourself be blinded. Make sure that your desire to immortalize everything immediately is not the easy solution, a way to calm yourself, to excuse yourself from thinking. Give yourself time and pains to go deeply into the subject. Think together before deciding to bind yourselves one to the other eternally for the best as well as for the worst. Remember that “whoever marries in haste repents at leisure” (English proverb).

Fourth trimester – Your relationships with the other sex will be tinted with romanticism. Singles of the sign will all have good – or rather bad? – chances to fall in love. Encounters will be pleasurable, but there’ll be little chance – or risk? – of their ending up with a marriage.


2. Career

First trimester – You can go ahead without fears in your job as this period seems ripe for an intensification of your efforts within the framework of your legitimate and reasonable ambitions. Don’t hesitate to put your relationships into play, but of course always with a minimum of diplomacy.

Second trimester – The planetary tendency seems to be very favorable to independent professions. Enterprises undertaken previously could take a more and more profitable turn. What is essential for the moment will be to show more initiative so as to transform the present positive trend into total and definite success. Continue to steer for the goals you have set, despite the changing streams and ideas that will not fail to occur around you. Tenacity and steadfastness will prove most beneficial.

Third trimester – With such an astral climate dominated by Saturn, a great professional success seems improbable at this moment. You’d better keep a low figure for some time. You won’t run any risk if you’re wise and patient enough to postpone your most ambitious project. But keep your eyes wide open so as to pick propitious circumstances as soon as they loom on the horizon and to profit by them to the maximum, for “Jupiter himself cannot recover a lost opportunity” (Phaedrus

Fourth trimester – Few obstacles will come to obstruct your road. You can therefore put your various projects into practice. But it may happen to you, by moments, to be a little demotivated, quite simply because easiness doesn’t suit you. If you envisage to change your career, it’s now that you must take steps to do it. Thanks to the support of the star Jupiter, such steps will prove every encouraging, positive, and constructive


3. Health

First trimester – You’ll doubtlessly feel certain generalized fatigue which is due to the conflict between the stars Mars and Neptune. Take magnesium, calcium, or trace elements. Avoid a too passionate or stressing way of life. Beware of risks of accidents, for instance if you do sport or if you drive a car over a long distance. If you do odd jobs, carefully read the users’ guides of the tools which you’ll use for the first time: a wrong move, and a drama may occur!

Second trimester – You’ll have an interest in controlling your uric acid level, especially if you belong to the second decan. Refrain from game, variety meat, shellfish, delicatessen, spinach, sorrel, mushroom, and cabbage. Eat red meat rather than white meat. Some of you will have to watch closely over their liver and gall bladder. They must eat cereals, fresh vegetables. Fennel and globe artichoke are recommended to them. This time, your physical well-being will depend more on your reason than on external circumstances. Reduce your consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other stimulants. A total relaxation would be welcome.

Third trimester – Your joy of living as well as the good turn of your business depends on your state of health; don’t forget that. So, amid the general excitement which will characterize this period, establish a regular timetable for yourself, providing enough hours of rest and recuperation. As your liver and stomach will be momentarily weak and migraines are to be feared, control your diet and your drinks: make use of moderation and abstemiousness, please

Fourth trimester – Prospects of difficult or agitated sleep. In order to sleep well, as far as possible avoid harassing reading, heated discussions, and too long or too violent television shows in the evening. Once in your bed, think of something very pleasurable. Don’t forget that love-making is the best sleeping pill!


4. Finance

First trimester – The astral climate will be favorable to business associations. If you have a financial partner, do everything in your power not to break up the relations. Tackle your financial problems vigorously. You can find ideal solutions. It will also be possible to carry out good investment operations during this period.

Second trimester – You’ll be able to conduct an important financial transaction concerning family possessions. Everything will turn out to the satisfaction of all the parties involved and at your advantage. As far as gambling is concerned, it seems that you have the possibility to win – maybe not the grand prize but nevertheless something that would exceed your stakes

Third trimester – If you pursue an independent or commercial career, you can expect exceptional chances during this period. Indeed, the planet Mercury usually presents workers in such sectors with rewards when it’s well supported by other planets. But “when rubles fall from the sky, the unlucky man has no bag” (Russian proverb). However, it can be hoped that this will not be your case since you’ve been forewarned!

Fourth trimester – This astral climate will favor certain financial aspects. This could be for some natives an occasion to activate the reimbursement of debts, and for others the time to apply to Justice so as to get an increase of allowances or pensions. Don’t count on luck at gambles these days.


5. My advice for the year

You’ll have a tremendous appetite for living. You’ll be more interested in innovations than before, and this will enable you to stay aloof from the past that has somewhat hindered you.

Very often you will succeed in whatever you undertake, thus strengthening your optimism and your self-confidence.

Devote more of your time to leisure and entertainments, to yourself and your loved ones.

To open your mind to new ideas, to forgo your selfishness, to judge the others without mistaking – all this will be possible for you this year thanks to the stars’ unconditional help.

Try to throw away all your preset ideas, categorical views, uncompromising stands as well as your resentments against those who do not share your opinions.


The influence of your ascendant

Ascendant in Scorpio – Two planets will be there to transform simple liaisons into durable love relations. If you recently encountered someone, don’t hesitate any longer to declare your love for him (her). Those who’re already bound will know how to revive passion and nurture it.


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