2010 Master Rao – Chinese

November 29, 2009

1. General Situation

The star Thien Hinh in excellent aspects will shower his benefits. Numerous will thus be natives of the sign who’ll show a state of mind that’s less down-to-earth, less immediately centered on material concerns. Some of you will desire to put something else into their existence, turning more willingly toward philosophy, religion, or parapsychology. Should this be the case, they’ll generally go about it with much curiosity, but will remain indifferent to the urging appeals of self-styled gurus or of religious sects.

Your best advantage this year will paradoxically be Tham Lang who’ll be present in your sign most of the time. This austere planet will be rather oppressive by moments. But Tham Lang does not only have defects, far from it! He harbors many qualities that you won’t have much difficulty to exploit to your profit, all the more so as such qualities are in accordance with your temperament. Tham Lang renders you correct, ambitious, orderly, and hard-working. Now, you’re one of the most realistic and efficacious signs of the Zodiac. You’ll then spontaneously know how to profit by the presence of the star Tham Lang so as to build your destiny on solid bases, notably as far as the professional and financial fields are concerned.


2. Love

First trimester – With the wink of the star Tuan, your couple life will be harmonious. Nevertheless, try to avoid being negligent toward your mate: A gentle word, a small attention can work wonders; on the contrary, some unconcern may provoke useless dissension. If you’re still a lonely heart, you will these days seriously envisage to legalize your current amorous relations and to settle down in life “like everyone”.

Second trimester – Profit well by this favorable period to live your love affairs which will be without storms or clouds. Provide yourself with a nest safe from prying eyes so as to exchange tender kisses. What’s important will be to shelter your sweet intimacy from the indiscretion of others. Single natives will have nothing to worry about. If their love life lacks some spice, they will in compensation enjoy the calm that is necessary to them. Moreover, marriage can be envisaged with every chance of success

Third trimester – You’ll see to it that your couple life be a succession of privileged moments. First, by strengthening your complicity ties with your spouse or mate and by staking more than ever on dialog. Second, by multiplying leisure activities with the other one and by enjoying with him/her the pleasures of existence. This blessed philosophy will get you much nearer to your sweet half. Single folks, you should show yourselves patient! Oh yes, you’ll certainly have some emotional outbursts these days, but there’ll be nothing really shattering

Fourth trimester – The stars Luu Ha and Dia Vong will settle down in the sector of couple life. If you’re already living in couple, your relationships with your mate will be very satisfactory, marked with sensuality and intellectual complicity. If you’re living alone, an important encounter may take place. Open your eyes wide, for if you fall in love there’ll be every chance that this will become a durable story.


3. Career

First trimester – You never spare your efforts at reaching your professional objectives. However, you’ll these days feel like you’re getting nowhere. Oppositions within your work team will provoke difficulties. You’ll have to make use of patience and diplomacy, those very qualities that it will be difficult for you to practice because of the restricting influence of the star Phuong Cac. With this being said, it might perhaps be the time for you to let off steam. Pressure and tiredness are indeed inclining you toward negligence, sloppiness, dull presence of mind, and a relative lack of initiative and combativeness.

Second trimester – During the first month of this period, the circumstances will be favorable to your professional success. The stars will protect you and facilitate all your moves and initiatives. Therefore you’ll have every reason to be optimistic. Do not miss the boat! From the second month onwards, good prospects of a change in career will be offered to you. This may be proposals for a change of company, a radical change of the kind of work, or a change of work place. You’ll be well advised to show daring and inventiveness, whatever your branch of activity may be.

Third trimester – During the first two months of this period, you’ll get good results in your work. However, your clear-cut opinions and your refusal to make concessions may provoke clashes with fellow-workers. A little more flexibility would help you avoid many useless setbacks. During the remainder of the period, you’ll be all but a dilettante. On the contrary, you’ll be set on achieving your projects by sparing neither your efforts nor your time. The reward will take much time to come, which will incline you even more to perseverance.

Fourth trimester – Your professional comportment will change at the beginning of this period. You’ll be compelled to solve your problems drastically, to weigh the pros and the cons on all occasions. Beware not to provoke too violent shocks; you can achieve your objectives more surely if you work calmly. From the second month of the period on, you’ll become more determined, more active, more dynamic. You’ll be more inclined than ever to privilege the future and to take drastic decisions. Good success in the last month.


4. Health

First trimester – Slight tendency to constipation these days. Think of increasing the volume of your feces with foods rich in fibers. Drink much plain or gaseous, mineral or spring water, but at least half hour before or after your meals. Do not above all have recourse to laxatives which may provoke “false diarrheas” and make your whole digestive system go awry. Apart from this, you’ll have no reason to be concerned about your health. If necessary, it would be the right moment to take up a small diet program. In any case, abstain from tobacco and alcohol for your organism will greatly need to clean itself up. Take much rest and wide air. Practice a slightly violent sport

Second trimester – Most of the time you’ll enjoy good physical resilience and great power of recuperation after an effort. Do not however take unfair advantage of your vitality – do not try to overstep your limits, otherwise you’ll have to regret it. Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee. If you smoke, stop doing it once for all! The end of the period will find you subject to some insomnia, even though you’ve no reason for concern. Infusions of chamomile, marjoram, fennel and above all orange flowers will calm you down. In order to have an even better chance to recover sleep, eat every evening a lettuce salad seasoned with soy oil and flavored with a spoonful of wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, or some fresh mint leaves. Eat a yogurt as well. Figs, nuts, and pineapples are also favorable to sleep. Listen to soft music while going to sleep

Third trimester – You’ll be rather nervous, you’ll have difficulty relaxing. But your general tonicity will compensate this nervous frailty and allow you to recuperate sufficiently fast, even though your sleep somewhat leaves to be desired or is sometimes troubled with nightmares. Practice yoga or relaxation. Be careful about your food as, considering the astral aspects, there will be some risks of an intoxication these days. Only eat foods that are unquestionably fresh; carefully notice the use-by dates written on labels.

Fourth trimester – The first month of the period will be rather bad for your nervous resiliency and may account for certain dangers, lack of self-control, and impatience. Be as vigilant as possible at your driving wheel and in the practice of a sport. Return of allergies, and comeback of joint rheumatisms. But for the trimester as a whole you should enjoy sufficiently good health most of the time. You’ll work very hard and indulge in numerous activities without feeling tired. Beware of circulatory troubles which may appear these days. On the contrary, bronchites and lung disorders can be treated efficiently.

5. Finance

First trimester – You should not have many concerns on the financial plane this time. But on condition, of course, that you remain prudent. Indeed, the star Quoc An has stopped affecting your budgetary balance, which should bring about a real improvement. But don’t forget that the star Thien Rieu will still be present in the financial sector of your chart and that he can play dirty tricks on you if you spend too much or if you lack judgment.

Second trimester – With this aspect of the star Benh Phu, you won’t have much to do to maintain your finances in good conditions. The loan you requested unsuccessfully since a long time will finally be granted to you and moreover at the best market rate. On the whole, material and financial aspects will be given priority, and the astral environment will be favorable to you in this respect. Certain natives will receive an unexpected sum of money; others will profit by a totally fortuitous inheritance

Third trimester – Unpredictable financial upheavals might make you lose much money. It’s why, if you absolutely want to speculate, you should ask for the advice of specialists, who may perhaps help you avoid risky investments.

Fourth trimester – The Sun in this aspect should help you to improve your incomes. But as he will be successively next to the stars That Sat and Thien Luong, he can nevertheless provoke some disturbances in this domain. Be particularly careful if you consider a great purchase or if you want to reorganize your investments. Remember that all is not gold that glitters, before signing whatever document


Wood Rabbit – It’s never easy to change one’s habits. However, it’s indispensable that you have recourse to new work techniques if you don’t want to let yourself be overrun. You must retrain!


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