2010 Indianastrology2000 – Indastro

November 29, 2009


Scorpio 2010 Horoscope – General:

An excellent year awaits you during 2010. You will find a good amount of progress as well as support from various quarters this year.

Efforts and work carried out in the past would bear fruit now. This year will bring high level of gains and increase in income. Increase in your friend circle will also be present now. Keep up the level of hard work.

Further good possibility of purchase of a house/ conveyance possible this year. There could be gains from real estate and other fixed sources. Creative ideas and increase in your knowledge will increase the level of status for you.

If applicable, birth/ conception of a child possible after May 2010. You will also find very good gains from investments as well as speculation also at times.

New source of income possible this year.

Family might see distances and some amount of diplomatic barriers this year. Your own temperament and luck could be fluctuating till 10th March 2010. Overall a luck period.

Distances in relationships/ love could build up between 9th October 2010 and 19th November 2010. Love life and social life could cause concern. Avoid major decisions in relationships.

Health should be handled cautiously.



Capricorn 2010 Horoscope – General:

2010 would bring its share of challenges. Although there would be period of hurdles and blocks. Still you will find an overall positive period of growth as the level of opportunities in life will pickup from here.

Luck will rise and so will the financial resources this year. An inclination towards religious activities would rise too. Financial inflows would be high between January 2010 and April 2010. There would be expansion in career too.

2nd May 2010 onwards a fall in status could come about.

Avoid holding a position of trust or property in trust. More so between 24th July 2010 and 31st October 2010. Expenses and overheads will rise this year. You would need to control your commitments as things could be trying during this period. Investment and speculation should be avoided at all times.

Health could be below average.

Marriage and relationships will remain turbulent and difficult till June 2010. Temperament of spouse could be particularly difficult till 10th March 2010. Remain cautious or serious, turns could come in relationship.

Career could experience unexpected but temporary blocks between September 2010 and December 2010. 9th October 2010 to 19th November 2010 could be particularly trying.

Love life and romance could see some setbacks during this period.

Keep a long term vision and remain cautious throughout.


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