2010 Gotohoroscope

November 29, 2009



For a second year running Capricorns experience the influence of celestial opponents in horoscope 2010 – their patron Saturn, and Neptune, a planet of illusions. You have already partly accomplished the goals set in 2008. You just have the find the material basis for the projects started in autumn of 2008. In 2010 year of the Tiger those born under the zodiac sign Capricorn will have a new job and search for new sources of income. Neptune in 2010 horoscope forces Capricorns to waste money – but do not indulge in it! This 2010 year reasonable cost saving and thorough planning will guarantee the success. Be especially cautious with rumors and somebody else’s secrets – otherwise you may become either a victim, or an unintentional gossipmonger.

The first two or three months of the 2010 year Capricorns will work in a rhythm set by the previous year, and in March or April 2010 is will become obvious that the existing model of business relations had outlived its usefulness, and the time of changes has come. It will be so evident in June 2010, that Capricorns will put apart their vacation and home affairs and will occupy themselves with the reorganization of their career. They will succeed, and in late September – early October 2010 Capricorns will enter a totally new career level. January and August 2010 will be especially favorable for business. Be cautious in June 2010, spring and summer 2010 are not the best time for business trips.
Saturn and Neptune are also present in Capricorns’ horoscope 2010 in personal life sector, so arguments with relatives, litigation caused by money or inheritance are quite probable. But there is no need to worry – Capricorns are usually victorious in affairs like these and the 2010 year of the Tiger will not be an exception to this rule. The established relationship is in need of changing, it cannot be left as it is. This doesn’t mean a breach, but if your life undergoes changes, they can’t but have an effect on your relationship. This 2010 year your partner is possibly suffering not the best times (financially) – think how you can help him/her


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