2010 Decisioncare

November 29, 2009

2010 Scorpio Horoscope predicts an excellent year compared to 2009 with the second half of the year even better than the first half. You are out of the effect of Saturn seven and half year cycle (Shani Sade Sati) and it is a great relief.
Health and Family: Health may be mostly average during the year. Chronic sufferers may also feel relief. Relationship with family may be positive all along with many social activities to enjoy. Friendship circle may increase throughout the year. There may be sudden loss of a significant member of larger family.
Travel: Overseas travel is possible and fruitful for some after May 2010. Travel taken during the year may be mostly pleasant and meaningful.
Career: This may be a positive year for gains in career and profession. Recognition and financial gain is likely most of the year with promotions possible during the first half of the year.
Love and Marriage: This may be an average year romantically. It is best to remain cordial in relationship with spouse and loved ones. Child birth is possible during second half. Singles may experience romance and marriage during second half.
Finance and Speculation: This may be a year of gain and jump in income. Real estate, vehicles purchase is likely during first half. Speculative activities may bring considerable income during second half. New sources of income are likely. There may be some big losses during year but may be compensated much more by the income and gain.



2010 Capricorn Horoscope predicts a challenging mixed year with better financial success in the first half of the year than the second half. Saturn’s move from eighth house (asthmashani) to ninth house signifies some relief over 2009.
Health and Family: Health may be below average. Injuries and accident may be possible. After September, health concerns less likely. Chronic sufferers should be cautious most of the year. Relationship with larger family may remain overall positive during the year. First half may see possible litigations for some and strife with younger co-born. New friends and partnership may be in the making during the year.
Travel: Overseas travel likely for some leading to relocation. Travel taken during second half of the year may be more fruitful in terms of its purpose.
Career: Career progress may be reasonable during first half of the year, while in the second half, there may be many workplace related obstructions and hurdles. It is best to be careful of business partners. May be prepared to face and defend against false accusations. Loss of temper and conflict may arise often during the first half.
Love and Marriage: It is not a great year for love and romance. Conflicts with spouse and loved ones may occur often during first half. It can become serious if not handled with caution. The second half may bring support from spouse. Singles may get married during second half.
Finance and Speculation. Financial gain and success is likely during January to April. However, investment and speculation may be avoided and if at all, low risk profile should be kept. There may be many sudden unexpected expenses from multiple sources like medical, legal and family related. However, overall financial conditions may be better. 




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