2010 Astrology.horoscope

November 29, 2009


Your Trends for 2010:

Get ready! 2010 will be an exciting year for every sign, for several reasons. One of the primarily cosmic culprits is red-hot Mars, the ancient God of War and the current astrological ruler of passion, excitement, and action – obviously, not a boring kind of guy. He’ll be wearing Leo, an equally red-hot Fire Sign that will put Mars in the mood to have fun and, even more importantly, to push aggressively to be the star of the show.

Now, Mars usually spends about two months in a sign, but this time, he’ll be in Leo for nine months. The thermostat of that sign began to rise when he entered Leo in mid-October of 2009, but it will stay hot until June of 2010. This will give every sign a chance to share the spotlight and make its mark on the world – in many different ways, of course

For example, you Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will have plenty of chances to do something that’s at the very top of your list of favorite things: to take chances, in all departments, but most especially in romance, since that’s at the top of Leo’s specialty list. Now, since Mars rules passion, you’ll need to be careful of just how passionate things become – in other words, keep an eye out for jealousy, and don’t let little things turn into major issues. Of course, you’ll be having so much fun with exciting new friends and unexpected adventures that it’s unlikely that will happen, but it’s best to be cautious.  (…)

Since fire and air get along just fine, you Air Signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will also enjoy Mars’ trip through Leo. Fire – heat, that is – makes air move faster, and there’s nothing you three signs love better than movement. Don’t be surprised to find that a long-term friend may suddenly be interested in more from you – much more, in fact. Your decision, of course, will depend on many factors, but as usual for you intellectual air folk, you’ll need to do some serious thinking before you announce your “final answer” to both your prospective new partner – and yourself!

You Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are experts in the department of emotions, and you won’t be left out of the action during 2010

In fact, all your feelings will be running on high thanks to generous, outgoing Jupiter, the King of the Gods. He’ll spend most of the year in sensitive Pisces, who specializes in intuition, tweaking your antennae. Now, providing that you listen to that voice at the back of your head, Jupiter in Pisces will bring each of you absolutely nothing but the best in the department of emotions – and when it gets down to it where you three are concerned, what else really matters?

Speaking of water, from early September through the end of the year, Venus, the Goddess of Love, will tiptoe through sexy, intense Scorpio, bringing all signs the chance to make a wonderful first impression, no matter who you’re meeting or why you want to put them under your spell.

If you’re single, you should be careful not to toy with anyone’s feelings. If you’re not truly interested, don’t flirt – not even a little. If you’re extremely interested, go ahead and have at it! You definitely won’t be refused.  (…)  

If you’re attached, let’s just say that your partner better be ready to take your relationship to the next step – to a far deeper level, that is – because you certainly will be, and if they stall you might start looking around for the next lucky contender.

As for you materially fortunate Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), you’ll have some wonderful planetary envoys of your own on duty, including respectable, responsible Saturn, who’ll be in Virgo until July 21, urging all three of you to work hard on your finances and take good care of your possessions. There’s no denying Saturn, so prepare to work, and work hard. Now, you’ve never been afraid of hard work, so instead of being a weight around your neck, Saturn will be a powerful ally.

Let’s look more into power. Remember that Pluto, an extremely powerful planet (yes, of course he’s still an astrological planet!), will spend the year in earthy Capricorn, endowing all of you Earth Signs with what will feel like actual super powers once you set your sights on something – or someone. Talk about empowering!

As if this isn’t enough to let you know – positively, absolutely, and once and for all – that you’re in charge of your own destiny, there’s the Solar Eclipse of January 15 and the Lunar Eclipse of June 26, both of which will be quite helpful. Eclipses bring together the heaven’s “lights” – the Sun and Moon – pointing them both toward the same result. In this case, both will occur in sturdy Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign, so no matter how you look at it, you Earth Signs will be super-charged with energy this year.

In a nutshell, during 2010, every Sun Sign will be given a jumpstart in one way or another! Regardless of which sign you are or which planets are working with you to help you make changes in your life, your mission is to enjoy it, cooperate, and, above all else, enjoy every moment of your exciting new year!

Now, read on. Your monthly forecasts will help you see how to work with all these energies as well as others we haven’t mentioned yet to make them work for you – which really won’t be all that hard once you know what to expect, and how to deal with the possibilities they present. Most of all, remember that it’s our reactions to what life tosses our way that shape our attitudes, and our attitudes shape our lives. Stay positive, and your life will be positive!

 January, 2010

What a month, Capricorn! January always finds you working hard, both on your career and on yourself, but this month will be the topper! Four planets will spend much of January in your own sign and your house of personality, bringing out all your famous Capricorn qualities: duty, respectability, responsibility, and, most important, the determination to keep every promise you make. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do everything before the 15th, though. Mercury will be retrograde until then, making it difficult for even the best-made plans to work out. Until then, rely on another of your qualities: patience

February, 2010

Pluto’s presence in your sign and house of personality has been affecting you for months – years, even, Capricorn – and it’s far from over. In fact, since this powerful God of the Underworld will meet up with Jupiter, the King of Mount Olympus, you’ll have two of the heaven’s most powerful allies on your side. They’ll meet up officially on February 6, but well before and after that, you’ll be able to chat anyone up, thanks to Jupiter in your house of communications, and Pluto’s ability to attract anyone. Careful – you may end up with too many admirers

March, 2010

Your month will be split in half, Capricorn, divided by two astrological packs who’ll demand nothing less than all of your determined Earth Sign energy. From the 1st on, you’ll be focused on helping out with the affairs of siblings, neighbors, and long-time friends. Once the 7th arrives, however, with loving Venus’ passage into your house of home and family matters, you’ll be able to ease up and enjoy life. That will go double after the 17th, when a parade of planets in Aries will charge through that same house, absolutely demanding your attention – and some relaxation!

April, 2010

Ever heard of “power-naps,” Capricorn? If not, ask a Fire Sign friend – an uncontested authority on the subject. The idea is to grab a few good, uninterrupted moments of shut-eye whenever you can on a busy day. You’ll have plenty of those this month, thanks to three planets in Taurus, the hardest-working sign in the Star Business. They’ll be passing through your house of love affairs, however, so you won’t have to worry about “busy” equaling “working too hard.” In fact, you won’t think about work until Venus enters Gemini on the 25th, and then, somehow work will become fun!

May, 2010

You’ll be in the mood to travel now, Capricorn – that’s for sure. Whether you decide to travel long-distance or just take a few days off for a long weekend in the vicinity – well, that will be the worst decision you’ll have to make besides whether or not you’ll want to go alone or bring your sweetheart along. Once Mercury turns direct on the 11th, it will be a lot easier for you to get in contact with the one you care for, so you’ll probably want to go with them. Extend the invitation, and expect it to be accepted

June, 2010

Something is about to change – Big Time – in your home and family life, Capricorn. Oh, but not to worry – this will be one of those changes that brings you joy, and lots of it. Big-hearted Jupiter will set off for your house of home, family, and emotions on the 6th, wearing Aries, the hottest sign in the Zodiac. Two days later, he’ll contact startling Uranus, too, so all changes will occur under most unpredictable circumstances. And then there’s the Lunar Eclipse that will illuminate your relationship axis on the 26th! Whew! Better rest up while you can!

July, 2010

Career just so happens to be your most famous specialty, Capricorn, so hearing that you’re about to begin a two-and-a-half-year concentrated course in that life department won’t bother you at all – especially since the instructor will be Saturn himself, your very own planet. This professional guy will enter your house of career on the 21st, all done up in Libra. Now, this sign just loves to work with a partner, so if you’re thinking about a partnership and all conditions are right, it’s time to stop thinking and do it now!

August, 2010

Pluto’s long-term trek through your house of personality and appearance has made you even more of a powerhouse than you were before, Capricorn – which is really saying something. You’ve always been the “take-charge” type, ready to do your job and at least three others, and to do them well. Speaking of Pluto, he’ll meet up with expansive Jupiter on the 3rd – and Jupiter is no slacker himself. The two will make you feel as if you have super powers! Oh, and when Saturn – your own planet – joins the party on the 16th – well, you’ll be virtually unstoppable!

September, 2010

Happy news, Capricorn! On the 12th, Mercury will put an end to his three-week retrograde and finally turn direct in your house of long-distance places and people. So, that person you’ve been trying desperately to find? Go ahead and start looking again, online or via old friends. You’ll finally stop hitting walls and find some good, solid leads. Once you do find them, keep in mind that excessive Jupiter and Uranus, who don’t know the definition of boundaries, are traveling together in your house of communication, so trying to hold back from saying absolutely everything on your mind just won’t work

October, 2010

Three planets in balance-loving Libra will tiptoe through your house of career this month, Capricorn, all of them demanding (nicely) that you either create or accept a job that will make you happy. It may be time for you to make some serious changes in your professional life – but that won’t be a problem, because once the 8th arrives and Venus turns retrograde, you’ll be more than willing to change lots of things, including the type of people you spend your days with. The Moon in Gemini (and your house of work) from the 25th through the 27th will seal the deal.

November, 2010

You’ll probably spend the first week of the month with old friends, Capricorn, and one of them could make you a wonderful offer – a business offer – the kind that you may be able to turn into a wonderful career move. Venus, the goddess of not just love, but also money, will move into Libra and your house of professional matters on the 7th – but take your time. Have someone you trust who knows the business look over the fine print first. The time to act is after the 18th, when both Venus and Jupiter, the King of Wealth, turn direct

December, 2010

You’re one of the most organized signs in the heavens, Capricorn, whose pet peeve is plans that don’t come together the way they should. Fortunately, you pride yourself on always having Plan B ready. That will come in handy during the first half of the month, as communicative Mercury slows down to turn retrograde – in your sign! – on the 10th. This may wreak havoc on at least some of your plans, but you’ll recover, and by the 18th, when Mercury slips into your house of privacy, you may even appreciate those missed appointments. They’ll give you some much-needed time to yourself!


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