2010 Askganesha

November 29, 2009


First Quarter

Your outstanding performance you might get honor and wealth from concerned authorities. Saturn is strongly indicating you might get name and fame during this period. Your relationship with your colleagues and other people will be very pleasure. Planned expense will help you remain within the budget. Your romantic aspirations are likely to be put paid to by the inferences of the one you love. laziness may threaten to break your exercise regime, if you don’t do something about it.

Second Quarter

Your expertise is likely to get you some good breaks on the professional front. Profits are likely to occur through some good investments. Shopping can find you overspending on useless items. A imaginary grudge can keep some in a disturbed mind. Traveling to a far of place will be fruitful. You should keep up your daily exercise to keep your self in shape.

Third Quarter

This period will have expected monetary gains. Money may come from various sources. Sudden windfalls may also boost your financial position. If, you’re interested towards, share market, lottery or other such kinds of investments, you may reap benefits in this period. Financially it will seem a very auspicious time. Your all past cherished wishes may be fulfilled. Time is ripe to approach the one you love.

Fourth Quarter

Your thoroughness will help complete pending works. A good time is assured as you impress all with your gift of the gab. Wealth is likely to come in the most. You can say goodbye to health problems bugging you for long therefore, there is a need to pay extra attention as far as your health is concerned. Your kind words will impress lover and family. A pleasant trip is almost certain to take place somewhere in the middle of this period

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